MOL Slovenia | Premium Fuels

For our client MOL Slovenija d.o.o. we have prepared a comprehensive campaign to advertise the improved formula of their premium fuel, and the campaign also included a grand prize draw to win a Mercedes-Benz CLA.

The campaign involved various media; TV ads, billboards across Slovenia, radio, digital channels and social networks. It consisted of both advertising on own channels and advertising on media leasing channels.

Advertising on billboards

The campaign about the prize draw was placed on 180 billboards all over Slovenia. We took care of the design of the posters in line with the campaign, as well as the printing and distribution to the media.

Digital advertising

As part of our digital advertising, we prepared a combination of premium formats and video content, a Google display and Youtube campaign, while not forgetting educational content about fuels in the form of advertorials.

We took care of the client's own channels, with exposure on the client's website, social networks and digital displays at service stations. We always strive to achieve a certain messaging, while making sure to include all the important elements of the campaign's look and feel.

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