We have developed a new catalogue design for Doming, which has been forging thousands of professional projects for over 30 years, and a new website is also in the pipeline.

Showing the public that tradition in architectural knowledge is the foundation of success and putting the professional approach of Doming architects at the forefront was our mission, goal and motto, which we are still following successfully today.

Our guiding principle remains "architecture is for the user, it is not a "monument" to the architect paid for by the investor"

Website redesign

For an architectural practice with a 30-year tradition, we refreshed the website. The core of their online presentation is the photographs of their various projects, so we went for minimalism at every step. We limited the amount of text to what was strictly necessary. The website has a simple and clear navigation menu.

We have also included soft dynamic elements for an elegant transition between the different projects.

The website also includes a newsletter sign-up option, an enquiry form and the possibility to view the catalogue, which is otherwise available in printed form.

Catalogue design

As part of the website redesign, a fresh printed catalogue was created to showcase the company at trade fairs and other events.

The catalogue starts with a brief introduction of the team. Each project also has a QR code that leads to more information about the project itself. The catalogue also gives a brief overview of the architectural firm's services.

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